These are the personal webpages of Leigh Kimmel. I am a writer, artist, and historian. I have been active in science fiction and fantasy fandom for a number of years.

I am the author of "Once a Chekist" and "The Hedgehog's Daughter.". You can find out information about them, as well as other published works and works in progress, on my writing pages.

Most recently, I have been experimenting with indy publishing. In 2014 I serialized my novels "A Separate War" and Holovideo at JukePop Serials. These novels take place in the same universe as "Once a Chekist," but about a decade earlier, in Houston, Texas and in Illinois rather than Moscow. This year I released Khuldhar's War on the Kindle.

If you'd like to see more of my artwork, take a look at my art gallery. I'm still in the process of rebuilding it after the closing of GeoCities, where it used to reside, but I'm hoping to get some serious progress in the next few months, if the demands of my day job will relent.

That would be running The Starship Cat, which sells books online and t-shirts and collectables at conventions. During convention season, it's not unknown for everything else to shut down altogether while I deal with two or three conventions in a row.

My naval history webpages are also in the process of being rebuilt. Most of the old material from the GeoCities site is there, but I know I've missed a few things here and there.

Last updated May 1, 2015