These pages are devoted to the exploration and celebration of science fiction fandom and geek culture. As a result, I have chosen a "large tent" approach which does not restrict itself to traditional literary science fiction fandom, but also includes media fandom, gaming fandom, anime fandom and the like.


Fanzines are, broadly defined, periodicals produced on an amateur basis by fans. Before the Internet, paper fanzines were often the most reliable way for fans to keep in contact, particularly when it was not necessarily easy to travel to conventions. Some fanzines focus on fannish historical articles or literary reviews, while others are natterzines, focussing primarily on the letters of comment.


Conventions are gatherings of science fiction fans. Some of them, such as WorldCon and GenCon, are aimed at the broadest possible fanbase. Others are specialized, being aimed at a particular fandom (Dr. Who, Star Trek, anime, gamers) or to a particular region. If giant cons such as GenCon or Dragoncon are too overwhelming for your taste, you may want to check out some smaller regional conventions instead.

Fannish Links

Science fiction fandom was an early adopter of the Internet and the WorldWide Web. As a result, it's hardly surprising that one can find a large variety of links on the Web, from clubs and conventions to fannish archives full of surprising things from days of futures past.

the Fannish Bookshelf

Here you can find a wide variety of books about fandom.

My Life in Fandom

A personal reflection upon my involvement with science fiction fandom and how it has affected my life.

The Billion Light-Year Bookshelf

My science fiction book review site, an outgrowth of the reviews I wrote for several now-defunct APA's, including The Eighth Domain, Obloids, and The Tecton Star.

The Starship Cat

My fannish business, which sells science fiction books, collectibles and t-shirts at conventions and online.

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