Egyptian Campaign

Over Easter weekend I helped with the annual fundraiser for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (SFFS -- Carbondale's local sf/fantasy fan club) at Egyptian Campaign, the local gaming convention. It was held at the Southern Illinois University Student Center.

One important thing to understand is that Egyptian Campaign is not a regular sf/fantasy convention. You won't find panel discussions, a masquerade, filking, a con suite or room parties. What you will find is tables and tables of people playing games -- Magic and other card games, role-playing games, miniatures games, board games and other games you may never have heard of. There is a dealers' room, which concentrates primarily on gaming materials, although there were some books and costuming gear. There is a miniatures painting contest which also includes an art contest, but no regular art show with sales and an auction.

If you're looking for a regular sf/fantasy convention, you will be gravely disappointed. However if you feel that gamers are treated like poor relations and nuisances underfoot at regular conventions, you will enjoy this convention. There are three entire days of solid gaming, with slots for games in the morning, afternoon and evening. This is an opportunity to play your favorite games with new opponents and to play new games that you may never have even heard of before.

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