Who's Yer Con 2011

Who's Yer Con is the free gaming convention held in the spring in Indianapolis as a way of giving back to the gaming community. This year's con was held over the weekend of March 11-13, 2011 at the Holiday Inn on the north side.

I'm not much of a gamer, but my husband is, so he'd signed up ahead of time and lined up a bunch of games he wanted to play. I just waited until we got there Friday afternoon to get my badge so that I could visit the dealers' room, and if I did happen to find a game I wanted to play, I'd have the option of joining in.

When we got there, we had some trouble with the elevator to the upper area not wanting to work. It turned out that a door sensor wasn't making good electrical contact all the time, and it often required re-closing the door a couple of times to get it to work. A pain, but something that would have to be lived with.

WhosYerCon CakeAt registration they had a huge decorated cake for the con, so I took a picture of it. Once we got our badges, we had a little time before the first game my husband was playing, so we went over to the dealers' room. However, most of the dealers were still setting up, so we just went around and said hi to people we knew.

After that I settled in to do some writing while my husband gamed. We did take some time out to eat supper, but I had time to make a fair amount of writing progress before we headed home for the night.

Saturday my husband was signed up for a game in the very first slot of the day, so I had to get up super early to get him up there in time. But even as tired as I was from that, I was still able to get a fair amount of work done on my writing over the course of the day, and felt like I'd accomplished something by the time we headed home for the night.

Sunday we came back fairly early to get the final games in. Then we stayed for the drawing at the end, in which they were giving away a bunch of complimentary stuff that had been donated by various game companies and gaming stores. We didn't win anything, but several people we knew did.

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