The Fannish Bookshelf

Fans have long been writers as well as readers, and although much fannish writing activity has been in fanzines, more than a few have produced professionally-published works about the fandom phenomenon. There have also been studies of the fandom phenomenon by writers outside of fandom, There have even been some professionally published works of fiction that centered around the science fiction fan community.


Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Sondra Marshak and Joan Winston. Star Trek Lives!.

The story of how fandom kept Star Trek alive after the network canceled it. Written in the 1970's, before the movies and revived series (The Next Generation, Deep Space 9, etc) made Star Trek one of the most popular media franchises ever.


Larry Niven, Jerry Pournell and Michael Flynn. Fallen Angels . Baen Books

The classic tale of a future in which Earth has turned its back on science and technology, and science fiction fans are a persecuted minority. When two astronauts from the hated space community crash-land and are stranded on the ice of the advancing glacier, the fans make a desperate bid to rescue them. It includes a variety of Tuckerizations of prominent fans.

Mike Resnick. Alternate Worldcons

An anthology of stories about Worldcons that might have been.

Last updated October 21, 2012.