Fanzine Fandom

Fanzines are an important method of communication between fans. They may range from a few photocopied pages corner-stapled together to slick saddle-stapled issues that look as good as many professional zines. Some are of general interest, whereas others are of interest to fans of a particular type of sf or of a given writer's universe. Some are the 'zines of a specific club or organization. However they all have a few common traits.

Fanzines are a labor of love. Nobody makes any money doing a fanzine. The cover price of a fanzine serves only to defray the cost of printing and postage. The contributors are paid only in copies, and for most it is easy to become a contributor. You just need to write a reasonably coherent response to the previous issue.

Mimosa was an informational fanzine that won several Hugo awards in the 1980's and 1990's.

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Nova Express is a review zine that also looks as sharp as many prozines. It has been a contender for the Best Fanzine Hugo award for several years.

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FOSFAX is the clubzine of the Falls of the Ohio Science Fiction Association (FOSFA). They are based in Louisville, Kentucky. However, they have contributors from around the world. FOSFAX is a thick side-stapled zine with book and convention reviews, opinion pieces and lots of letters of comment. The political discussion gets intense at times, and leans toward the conservative and libertarian.

Literary: The Magazine of Writing is a small fictionzine printed up copy by copy.

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