Academic Papers

I have gathered some of my favorite papers from throughout my academic career. You are welcome to use them as springboards for future research, but please do not copy them. When you cheat, you cheat yourself first by depriving yourself of the opportunity to learn.

All essays are copyright by Leigh Kimmel

For permission to quote or reprint, contact Leigh Kimmel

High School

Civil Defense

Problems of the Gifted


Decentralization of Political Structures Beyond the Planetary Level in Dune and The Left Hand of Darkness

Cinematography and Nabokov's Creative Vision

Nabokov the Translator

Pushkin's Views of Peter the Great


Library School

The Terror of Censorship

Holistic Librarianship

Reference Service Structure

Graduate Studies in History

Illinois State University

Petrarch, Books and the Life of the Mind

Francis and the Bolsheviks

Lord Nelson and Sea Power

Fundamentalist Christianity and the Family

The Persian Gulf War: A War for Oil?

Slavery in French Illinois

Television News Violence

Southern Illinois University at Carbondale

MEDLINE and Medical Practice

The Boundaries of Sexual Harassment

Reason, Revelation and the Scopes Monkey Trial

Apple Computer, Inc.: A History

Leviathan's Libraries

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