Novel-length Works in Progress

This list includes all novel-length works of fiction on which I have begun writing, but have not either published or definitely abandoned. As such, it includes novel-length works in all states of completion.

The Workhouse War

Nadine dreamed of magic and a place where she could pursue her art. But when she stepped through a magical gate into another world, she discovered that the artist who befriended her had enemies. Powerful ones, who believed quite steadfastly in the rightness of their own cause.

The Wyrm Rampant

The powerful house of the Wyrm Rampant was both loved and hated, but those within it held the key to the future of a magical world passing through its Industrial Revolution.


The world of Merakeen was on the cusp of revolution, and three men from very disparate backgrounds held the key to its future.

Quest for Video

Trasin dreamed of restoring television to hir tech-wary world, but poverty and ill-health continually blocked hir path. When one of the engineers at hir workplace shows interest in hir notebooks, can sie trust enough to make the dream possible?

The Lanakhidzist Revolution Universe

Children's Crusade

In a world where human cloning and genetic engineering were developed as super-secret Cold War projects, the Soviet Union is about to go down in flames.

The Steel Breeds True

A side story to Children's Crusade, detailing events related to the mission to retrieve two lost clones from the US.

The Ballad of Katie Hart

A decade after the Lanakhidzist Revolution, Amanda Lordsley-Starcastle must face her genetic heritage. Sequel to The Steel Breeds True.

Venus Love-Me Chain

Cather Hargreaves thought he had it all: a solid career, a happy marriage and a delightful son. And then his wife begins to remember things that never happened -- or did they happen, only in another world? Suddenly Cather's whole life is poised to crash down around his ears, and he's not sure he can put it back together without making things worse for someone else.

The Road to Silicon Valley

Three decades after the Lanakhidzist Revolution toppled the Soviet Union and ended the Cold War, backlash against the US cloning projects is having serious political consequences. A totally new microprocessor design holds the hope for both the Sharp Resistance and its opponents, depending on whether it can be gotten west in time or it is recaptured.

The Lion in Scarlet

A telepathic gift holds hope for the Sharp Resistance, if she can be brought west.


When Lisa is falsely accused of abusing her Sharp talents, she has no choice to flee into the shadowy world of the Sharp Resistance.

Last Moondance On Farside

Chelsea Ayles was a NASA geologist frustrated with America's inability to get back to the Moon. When a mysterious entity begins to show her visions of a world where America's space program stayed the course, she longs to live there. But when she discovers the true nature of this entity, her dream turns into a nightmare.

Sleepover Crisis

Vicki thought she was going to a classmate's sleepover, but when she arrives, she's told she didn't respond to the invitation and there will be no place for her. She thinks it's a simple miscommunication, but then her telepathy shows her visions that suggest it was an act of deliberate cruelty. But what can she do to right the wrong?

Briar's Children Universe

Briar's Children

With one moment of indiscipline, Yasha got his entire pod exiled to a miserable asteroid mine -- and now it has killed all his brothers, leaving him alone in the world. But what is this mysterious alien who has come to help him complete his final duties to the only family he knows?

Briar's Legacy

Yasha and Ursula turned their respective societies upside-down, and while they were able to negotiate a peace, it's an unstable one. Now an embittered hardliner has kidnapped their son Julian, and they don't even know where to begin to rescue him.

Okeanos Universe

War in the Shadows

Khuldhar's cousin Gazilda was only trying to help, but everybody kept telling her to keep out of the way. Now she may be the only one who can track down a renegade scientist before he defects to the Qal, but will anybody trust her to tie her own shoes?


In a world where souls can be captured by powerful telepaths, death itself is not a certain thing. But old enemies have ways of settling scores.

Ixilon Universe

The Dolphin-singer

An expansion of the short story "Spiral Horn, Spiral Tusk," it carries Rissa and Admiral Shayell into the aftermath of their shipwreck and a rescue that proves to be no rescue at all.

Codyland Reunion

The story of the end of the Isolation and the Rebinding of all the worlds of the Ixilon system.

Young René XIV

The boy king's reign had been troubled with civil unrest, but now his wicked sorcerer uncle Sebastien has seized the Cypress Throne, flinging young René into another world, one of science instead of magic.

Steam Heat

Discontent with O'Casey's rule as Boss has been growing through Codyland, but in the 708 it has reached the breaking point.

Cloak and Shadow

Under the perpetual shadow of a cloud-shrouded world, Raus-ceil-quein is a hotbed of political turmoil. A brand-new papal nuncio and an agricultural attaché from a university that is its own sovereign state are on a collision course with trouble.

Desert Rose

Jan Pawel Trzetrzelewski had a history of trouble wherever he went as papal nuncio, so he knew that going to one of the fiercest enemies of the Petrine Ministry was a risk. He didn't know that it would also test his conscience.

Crowns of the Martyrs

Old scores are settled, and new resentments are created.

Plausible Deniability

As war spreads across Ixilon, three countries send secret missions to a city-state that may well be a linchpin in the war efforts.

The Papal Plumbers

Not all leaks are drippy faucets, and sometimes it's easier to get things done when your job description seems harmless.

For King and Country

The rule of King Sebastien V has been increasingly erratic, but when he turned on his own dauphin, the Admiralty decides he has gone too far. But is civil war a cure that's worse than the disease?

Luke and Reba's first

When an ancient magical artifact is stolen, it unites two admirals in a desperate transoceanic race against time.

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Last updated June 2, 2015.